In Review: Kung Fu (S3 – EP8) Betrayal

Nicky stumbles upon a devastating secret. Mei-Li gets creative at the restaurant, and Bo faces demons from his past.

Synopsis: In Betrayal, Nicky stumbles upon a devastating secret. Mei-Li gets creative at the restaurant, and Bo faces demons from his past.


The Story

Having managed to get free of the mind cage that Pei-Ling had trapped her in. Xiao is loose and has taken control of Pei-Ling’s body with a little help from Bo. Having managed to save her parents from an attack by Xiao. Nicky has come to the horrible realization that Bo has betrayed her and she is absolutely fuming with anger toward him. So much so that even Zhilan is concerned. With help from the gang. Nicky, Zhilan, and Henry learn that Bo is looking for a small object that allows Xiao to Travel between worlds in the blink of an eye. Obviously, Nicky is looking to try and get to this object before Bo does, but is also out to get him too. Added to all of this is the fact that Bo also has the power to travel between worlds and was taught how to do so by Xiao. 

Elsewhere, Jin’s idealist viewpoint and political campaign come into conflict when he starts pulling his punches in a debate between him and his rival. Unfortunately for Jin. Anthony Chan is not afraid to fight dirty and is coming for Jin and his family. 

At the restaurant, Mei-Li has to fight her corner when the corporate entity that she has partnered with wants to sell inferior dumplings to her customers. 


The Acting

Olivia Liang totally breaks bad and imbues Nicky with a truly righteous Anger that burns with simmering intensity throughout the episode. I loved the scene where she talks to Zhilan and admits that she let her guard down to Bo and was lied to. Furthermore, she even condones Zhilan’s policy of going in hard to get the information that they need. The look of surprise on Zhilan’a face at this was good to see. Especially given that Zhilan (Yvonne Chapman) has already been through what Nicky is now going through. And it cost her dearly.

We also get a great performance from Vanessa Kai as Xiao in the scenes where we learn about Bo’s backstory and how he came to be influenced by Xiao. Ian Ho does a great job of portraying the pint-sized version of Bo.



Betrayal has to be one of the best episodes of this series that we have seen to date. I loved seeing Nicky lose control as it is something that has needed to happen for some time given that her character has become so known for being measured and deliberate. Added to this an out-of-control Nicky opens up the potential for Zhilan and Nicky’s relationship to develop as Zhilan could well be the person that talks Nicky down off the ledge given that she has experienced it.

Overall. This was a really fun episode with a nice mix of drama, action, and mythology.


Kung Fu (S3 - EP8) Betrayal
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