In Review: Kung Fu (S3 – EP7) Villains

Nicky isn't yet aware that the Harvester is actually her new boyfriend Bo who was an apprentice of Xiao

Synopsis: In Villains, the team’s latest unearths some startling information about Xiao, Nicky and the team devises a plan to deal with her once and for all. Althea gives Evan some advice on his relationship with Nadia, and Jin prepares for his first interview.


The Story

Having defeated The Harvester in last week’s show. Nicky managed to bring back Zhilan from the wastelands but left the Harvester alive. Added to this. Nicky isn’t yet aware that the Harvester is actually her new boyfriend Bo who was an apprentice of Xiao. Having not done away with the Harvester. The team no turns its attention back onto Xiao who is still caged inside of  Pei-Ling’s mind. Having managed to get a hold of one of the two swords that The Harvester was using. Nicky and Pei-Ling think that they may be able to use the sword and an electric current to capture Xiao forever. But in order to do this Pei-Ling must go into a deep meditation before releasing Xiao. 

So in order to act out their plan. The team comes together and is joined by Bo who is working with Xiao in secret.


The Acting

Vanessa Kai puts in a strong performance in this episode where she once again plays dual roles. When she is Pei-Ling she is the ultimate calm Shifu. However, when she is Xiao she really goes to town and lets her inner villain rip loose. The scene at the end where Xiao once again makes a play for Nicky’s mother is quite frightening.

We also get a nuanced performance from Ben Levin as Bo who does a fairly good job of playing the double agent. I.E. not giving himself away. I also quite enjoyed seeing the tension between Bo and Henry.



This was a pretty solid episode that proved quite enjoyable. The scene where Ryan was testing everyone’s blood to try and find which one of them Xiao had taken occupancy in was really fraught with tension. Although I did kind of guess that it was going to be Sebastian before it was revealed.

Kung Fu (S3 - EP7) Villains
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