In Review: Kung Fu (S3 – EP6) The Rescue

Nicky, Henry, Ryan, and Pei-Ling try to make sense of some disturbing information they’ve learned about Xiao.

Synopsis: In The Rescue, Nicky, Henry, Ryan, and Pei-Ling try to make sense of some disturbing information they’ve learned about Xiao. Althea and Dennis help his sister after she learns that money has gone missing from their family’s charitable trust.


The Story

Following up on events seen in last week’s show. With help, Pei-Ling has managed to shut Xiao’s influence on her into a cage within her mind. But during the course of the ritual that helped Pei-Ling Henry caught a flash of what is going on in the other realm, which they are calling the wasteland where Zhilan has been fighting The Harvester. Henry and Pei-Ling figure out that the Harvester is gathering souls from the ancient bloodlines and is feeding them to Xiao, which ultimately will make her too powerful for Pei-Ling to keep contained. 

Armed with this new information. Nicky, Pei-Ling, Ryan, and a reluctant Henry come up with a plan using some ancient magic to transport Nicky into the Wastelands so she can take out The Reaper. However, things do not go exactly to plan.

Elsewhere, Mei-Li is forced to let Sebastian go due to her contract with the corporate sponsor that has helped her re-pon her restaurant. While her husband Jin finds himself going into local politics in opposition to the Campaign that he was helping with due to the fact that the campaign leader was allowing himself to be blackmailed by a corrupt security firm.

Also, Althea gets to play detective in order to help her husband’s sister who has learned that someone has stolen from the family’s charitable trust. Furthermore, she learns that her husband Dennis has been hiding something from her.


The Acting

Kheng Hua Tan and JB Tadena put in brilliant performances as Mei-Li and Sebastian. The scene where Mei-Li is forced to let Sebastian go is heartbreaking and so well acted that I couldn’t help but feel a great deal of empathy toward their characters.

Olivia Liang was in form as usual and got some great action scenes to perform. But it was the performances from Eddie Liu and Vanessa Kai as Henry and Pei-Ling that were a big part of why this episode worked. Since finding out about his family history in last year’s finale Henry had to put some distance between himself and Nicky to learn about his role in things. Now we have learned that he is a mystical compass that can track items through different realms. In this episode, he is able to transport Nicky into the Wasteland with help from a mystical spell that Pei-Ling reads out. But when he loses connection to Nicky once she gets to the wasteland he becomes desperate to reconnect and tries everything. However, it is only when Pei-Ling tells him to use the love in his heart for Nicky that he is able to re-establish the connection. This scene was written and performed so well and they managed to pull it off without it seeming too cheesy.



The Rescue is probably the best episode of the season to date and the twist at the end, which reveals the identity of The Harvester is an absolute shocker.

Kung Fu (S3 - EP6) The Rescue
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