In Review: Kung Fu (S3 – EP5) Harvest

Nicky is forced to put things with Bo on the back burner while she figures out how to help Pei-Ling.

Synopsis: In Harvest, Nicky is forced to put things with Bo on the back burner while she figures out how to help Pei-Ling. Sebastian voices his concern to Mei-Li about corporate’s growing oversight of the restaurant.


The Story

Picking things up from the previous few weeks. Nicky and Henry have found a way to help Pei-Ling to gain control of herself from the spirit of  Xiao, which has been trying to take over her body. But it involves them having to trade The Compass with The One’s Eye. If successful the use of this artifact called The Salem Candle will allow Pei-Ling to confront the spirit of Xiao and put it in its place.

Elsewhere, Sebastian and Mei-Li are excited about a new fusion recipe that they want to put on the menu at the restaurant. But when corporate oversight objects to the idea of fusion recipes in a Chinese restaurant, it creates a little friction. Thankfully Mei-Li is able to calm things down a little, but could Sebastian’s job be on the line?

In the other realm.  Zhilan makes her move as she tries to protect the remaining spirits from The Harvester. But when the Harvester manages to get away from Zhilan and takes out the spirits that she was trying to protect. The ritual that Nicky, Pei-Ling, and Henry are doing to get control of Xiao crosses over somewhat as both Henry and Pei-Ling see Zhilan and The Harvester. We learn that the Harvester has been collecting spirits from certain bloodlines in order to give Xiao the energy that she needs in order to fully possess Pei-Ling.


The Acting

Olivia Liang puts in a solid shift this week as we see Nicky struggle to balance her various relationships with her other responsibilities. One of the show’s strengths since the beginning has been the relationship between Nicky and her Shifu Pei-Ling. So it has been really cool that this season’s story arc has brought that more into play. Especially given how brilliant Vanessa Kai is in the role of Pei-Ling. The scene where Pei-Ling confronts Xiao is brilliantly done and leaves us with a lot of questions that will need to be addressed in the weeks to come.


In terms of the more family-orientated storylines. We get fun performances from Kheng Hua Tan and JB Tadena as we see Mei-Li and Sebastian’s friendship and partnership grow. You really get the sense that these two actors love working together, which makes the friendship between these two characters more believable and truthful.



Harvest was a fun episode, which broke open a few of the mysteries that have been brewing over the last few weeks.

Kung Fu (S3 - EP5) Harvest
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