In Review: Kung Fu (S3 – EP3) The Compass

After learning that Henry is a person of interest in a heist gone wrong, Nicky travels to Thailand to help him

Synopsis: In The Compass, After learning that Henry is a person of interest in a heist gone wrong, Nicky travels to Thailand to help him – a move that forces them to confront their unresolved issues.


The Story

Following up on the events that Henry has been a part of when it comes to recovering the Compass. Nicky finds herself having to travel to Thailand in order to lend a helping hand as the FBI has Henry down as a person of interest for the murder of his late father’s former partner from the heist that he was involved with in Iceland. Added to this crime boss Calvin Zarco also has an interest in Henry and the Compass as it is revealed that Henry is the only person that can trigger something called Genesis, which is what happens when the Compass and the Loadstone come together. 

Back in San Francisco. Althea is still having issues adjusting to her life without internet access but is given a little help from her father when he suggests she help organize the restaurant’s inventory of herbs and spices in preparation for the grand opening. Elsewhere, Pei-Ling has a sit-down chat with Nicky’s mother Mei-Li, which gets a little awkward when The Alchemist temporarily takes control of Pei-Ling. 

In the other realm, Zhilan has just learned that she cannot be killed easily by The entity known as the Harvester who has been murdering Guardian Spirits. Having gotten to know the Guardian’s a little Zhilan volunteers herself as their protector while they prepare to try and move to a new hiding place. 


The Acting

Olivia Liang and Eddie Liu get somewhat of a bittersweet reunion as the two work through remaining relationship issues as they learn about the significance of the Compass that Henry obtained while in Iceland. Their reunion scene is a lot of fun and obviously has a few nice little Kung Fu moves attached as the two take out some of Zarco’s things. The scene where Nicky tells Henry that she has moved on was nicely played out.

We also get nice performances from Tzi Ma and Shannon Dang as Jin Shen uses his fatherly influence on a rather down-in-the-dumps Althea who needs some help to find a new purpose that will play to some of her strengths. Indeed the internet ban has taken so much in the way of self-worth from Althea that she needs a little help in finding a new purpose. This was a really nice series of scenes in which we get to see some of the Shen family dynamics come into play. 



This was a rather enjoyable episode that builds on the story from the previous episodes really well. It was nice to see Nicky and Henry get a reunion so they could resolve a few things, but it was also interesting to learn that Henry is just as special as Nicky in some way. And I am looking forward to learning more in the weeks ahead.

Kung Fu (S3 - EP3) The Compass
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