In Review: Kung Fu (S3 – EP1) Shifu

In Shifu, the Shen’s prepare for Harmony Dumplings’ grand reopening only to learn that the oven that they have ordered has been stolen.

Synopsis: In Shifu, the Shen’s prepare for Harmony Dumplings’ grand reopening only to learn that the oven that they have ordered has been stolen.  As Nicky and the team prepare to take matters into their own hands, a run-in with a vigilante named Bo leaves Nicky wondering who this mysterious stranger in her city is.


The Story

Things have started to settle down in Chinatown after last season’s Earthquake, but local gangs are using the fact that not everything is back to normal to their advantage. When a gang hits Chinatown and steals a stove that was being delivered to Harmony Dumplings. Nicky and her team immediately get on the case and find the culprits behind the theft pretty quickly. However when they are confronted by the gang. Nicky gets some unexpected help from a mysterious vigilante called Bo, which opens up a whole new mystery. Bo seems to be skilled in martial arts, but is also a skilled hacker and fits into the team quite snugly. But who trained him and where did he come from?

When needed to retrieve the stove. Nicky has to leave it up to the others because she gets a tip from Evan that her old Shifu has been sighted in the park and has been attacking people. As Nicky goes to her Shifu she suspects that Pei-Ling is carrying the spirit of another within her. 


The Acting

Olivia Liang puts in a solid performance as we see a bit of vulnerability come through in Nicky when her sister Althea pushes her a little about her lack of personal life and the fact that she has been waiting for Henry (Eddie Liu) who is in Cyprus on a quest to learn more about his families past. We also get a strong performance from Vanessa Kai as Nicky’s Shifu Pei-Ling. I really liked the fight scene between the two women and the subsequent scenes that followed where Nicky says she will help her former mentor figure out what has happened. 



This is a solid start to the new season, which spins off quite nicely from the events saw in the season two finale. I.E. Pei-Ling’s mysterious return and the supernatural connection it has to last year’s events.

The addition of Bo to the gang if he does stick around is a nice touch. I quite like the fact that he has Althea’s approval and shares a similar skillset with her. It is going to make for some interesting storylines as we move forward.

I also liked seeing what Henry is up to in Cyprus and wonder what plot developments will come out of that.

Kung Fu (S3 - EP1) Shifu
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