In Review: Kung Fu (S2 – EP7) The Alchemist

Nicky investigates the secrets behind a mysterious stone that Juliet is after
The Alchemist

Synopsis: In The Alchemist Nicky investigates the secrets behind a mysterious stone that Juliet is after, Henry uncovers a shocking revelation about his father.


The Story

Picking up where the last episode left off. Henry has been kidnapped by his father who is the leader of a group that is also looking to try and stop Tan. Having figured out Henry’s location thanks to the registration plate on the van that his kidnappers used. Nicky launches a fast and dirty rescue mission and quickly learns that Henry’s father might prove to be a decent Allie.

Meanwhile, Mia feels drawn to the gemstone that Nicky managed to pinch from Tan, but finds that it has an unexpected effect on her. It puts her into a deep sleep and sees her entering the dream realm of The Alchemist who created the Warriors and Guardians. But given that Mia is the offspring of both a Warrior and a Guardian. The Alchemist wants her dead. Luckily, for Mia. Nicky finds a way via some special Tea to enter The Alchemist’s realm and rescue her.

Meanwhile, back in the real world. Henry does a job with his father to steal a painting, which could lead them to a scroll that could help them scupper Tan’s plans to destroy San Francisco.


The Acting


Terry Chen and Eddie Liu show us some nice chemistry as father and son Daniel and Henry Yan


Olivia Liang gets lots to do as we see her face off against The Alchemist in what is one beautifully choreographed fight. Her scenes through this episode are some of the strongest she has had for the whole season. I really enjoyed the initial scenes that she has with her former Shifu Pei-Ling Zhang (Vanessa Kai) right before she changes form to The Alchemist. 

We also get treated to a fun Father and Son duo as Terry Chen and Eddie Liu show us some nice chemistry as Daniel and Henry Yan go about some family business.



Perhaps the strongest episode of the season thus far as we get a bit deeper into the show’s mythology. The setting of The Alchemist’s dreamworld was quite beautiful but minimalist. I also loved the fight sequence between Nicky and The Alchemist. As well as the backstory about what happened the last time that a Warrior and a Guardian had offspring. The question being. Is Nicky right to think that she can successfully train Mia and prevent her from breaking bad? Or is the Alchemist right to want Mia dead.

Kung Fu (S2 - EP7) The Alchemist
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