In Review: Kung Fu (S2 – EP5) Reunion

After receiving a new clue that could lead to Mia's whereabouts

Synopsis: In Reunion. After receiving a new clue that could lead to Mia’s whereabouts, Nicky and Henry race to find her before Russell Tan’s forces do. Meanwhile, Mei-Li is tested when a new restaurant opens nearby, and Althea continues to struggle with the challenges of work.


The Story

Having dealt with the aftermath of destroying the bell in last week’s episode. Nicky’s attention is drawn back to finding her Cousin Mia before Tan’s forces do. Meanwhile Mia has found her father who was once one of the Guardians and tells her about his relationship with her mother right before knocking her out and handing her over to Tans people.

By the time Nicky and Henry catch up with Mia. She has already gone. So instead they wind up having a surprise reunion with Zhilan who is also after Mia. In a surprising turn of events, Nicky and Zhilan reluctantly team up in order to rescue Mia from Tans people. 

Elsewhere, Althea finally comes up with an idea for her App and gets a base from which to start her business. While Mei-Li struggles when a rival restaurant opens nearby and promises fast service than she can.


The Acting

Yvonne Chapman makes a welcome return and reignites the rivalry between Zhilan and Nicky (Olivia Liang). The antagonistic relationship between these two characters is always interesting to watch.

Shannon Dang continues to shine and add some comedic relief as Althea who gets a fair bit of development this week.



A really solid episode, which reveals why Tan is so set on getting a hold of Mia as we see a demonstration of her power when she defends herself against Zhilan. We also get a bit more interesting developments in regards to the show’s mythology to do with the Warriors and Guardians that protected the ancient weapons. We also get a great fight sequence in which Nicky and Zhilan take on a gang of Tan’s private security.

Kung Fu (S2 - EP5) Reunion
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