In Review: Kung Fu (S2 – EP11) Bloodline

Nicky's desperation to find Mia intensifies after learning that Mia is beginning to unravel, and that Xiao's prophecy may be coming true.

Synopsis: In Bloodline Nicky’s desperation to find Mia intensifies after learning that Mia is beginning to unravel, and that Xiao’s prophecy may be coming true. Meanwhile, Zhilan makes a surprising discovery about Russell Tan’s plan.


The Story

Picking things up from last week. Zhilan and Mia have managed to capture Juliette Tan and are trying to get information from her about her father’s plans. However, Mia’s brutal methods raise some concern from Zhilan who is looking to try and take Russell Tan alive. But Mia wants him dead and is truly beginning to lose control. Meanwhile, Nicky and the gang have managed to successfully find where Zhilan and Mia have been holding Juliette and go after her, but by the time they get there, Zhilan and Mia have left. But they do manage to save Juliette who has grown suspicious of her father’s plans and looks to try and undermine him. 

As the episode draws to a close Mia has gone off on her own having bested both Nicky and Zhilan.


The Acting

We get some great acting this week as we see the various storylines begin to coalesce. Vanessa Yao does a fantastic job of conveying Mia’s anger and confusion as she begins to lose control. While Zhilan’s (Yvonne Chapman) efforts to help Mia keep control are just as compelling to watch. We also get a great performance from Annie Q in her role of Julliette who is ultra ticked off at her father Russell Tan because she believes she has been excluded from his plans.



Bloodline is a pretty solid hour of TV with some great acting performances and awesome fight choreography. The mythology aspect of the series continues to be its best feature for me and this particular episode peels back a few more layers.

The storyline concerning Mia’s hybrid bloodline pretty much begins to come full circle as it looks like Xiao’s prophecy is coming true again, but we are left with some hope due to Nicky’s nerdy brother who finds something in an old book that might help.

Kung Fu (S2 - EP11) Bloodline
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