In Review: Kung Fu (S2 – EP10) Destruction

Nicky is left reeling after a secret she's kept hidden from her family leads to some tragic consequences.

Synopsis: In Destruction Nicky is left reeling after a secret she’s kept hidden from her family leads to some tragic consequences. Meanwhile, Mia teams up with an unexpected ally, and Nicky and Henry find themselves at a crossroads in their relationship.


The Story

Picking up from where last week left off. Nicky is blaming herself for the shooting of her brother. Meanwhile, Henry’s father reveals that he has found a scroll,  which can put an end to Russell Tan’s plans. The only downside is that the ceremony, which the scroll is for will also strip both Nicky and Mia of their powers. Henry goes to Nicky with this and Nicky initially agrees to the ceremony, but later changes her mind due to the fact that she doesn’t completely trust Henry’s father.

Elsewhere Zhilan and Mia hatch a plan to go after Russell Tan but wind up capturing his daughter instead. It would seem that Zhilan and Mia are forming a pretty strong bond. 


The Acting

We get some fairly strong performances throughout this episode. Olivia Liang is great as Nicky and we get a really good scene between her and Vanessa Kai when The Alchemist pays Nicky a visit to warn her about the dangers of the ceremony that Henry’s father has in mind.

We also get very strong performances from Yvonne Chapman and Vanessa Yao as we see Zhilan and Mia form a pretty strong bond with each other in their shared mission. Chapman gets to show us a more caring side to Zhilan who stays with Mia when she is hurt instead of going after Tan’s daughter.



This was a pretty good episode in that it builds on the mythology behind the Warriors and the Guardians by showing us that they can be brought down. If this show has any faults in would be that the writing tends to include a little too much in the way of expositional stuff when it could actually afford to be showing us more as opposed to telling us more. I continue to enjoy the mythical aspects of this show and hope that someone writes a guidebook pretty soon that digs a bit deeper into it all.

The episode leaves us with some interesting possibilities for next week. But the question is. Will Nicky and the Shen family be able to save Mia from her darker impulses before Zhilan’s influence can completely take hold?

Kung Fu (S2 - EP10) Destruction
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