In Review: Kung Fu (S1 – EP9) Isolation

Nicky follows a lead that brings her, Henry and Evan to a quiet town in Canada.

Synopsis: In ‘Isolation’ In order to learn more about her family history, Nicky follows a lead that brings her, Henry and Evan to a quiet town in Canada. Zhilan joins forces with Kerwin Tan, and Jin and Mei-Li find themselves at a crossroads.


The Story

When Nicky’s mother shares some letters with her from her Aunt. She is spurred onto taking a trip to Canada to find her and takes Henry and Even along. Meanwhile, Zhilan has hooked up with Kerwin Tan the two compare body scares. Kerwin tells her of the cruelty that he endured at the hands of his father, but he also mentions that his father has three of the mystical weapons that she is after. So the two make plans to steal them.

Back in Canada Nicky meets up with a woodsman who knew her Aunt. He gives her directions to her Aunt’s log cabin, but when she arrives she finds it is empty and someone has buried her aunt. Fortunately, Nicky does not leave completely empty-handed. She recovers audio logs that her Aunt recorded while she was searching for the weapons.


The Acting

Eddie Liu and Gavin Stenhouse put in pretty good performances as Henry and Gavin play a supporting role for Nicky. But also have some time to bond over their fondness for her. The scene where the two are talking in the car was a lot of fun and kind of typical of the situation that these two have often found themselves in. Olivia Liang is also pretty strong this week and her scene with the wolf in the woods was a bit of a highlight. As was the scene where she discovers her aunt’s place. The part where she hears the tape explaining why her Aunt had to stay in isolation was particularly touching.



This was a pretty solid episode in which we got a bit of character development for Zhilan as well as story development for the questing aspect of the show’s storyline. Overall. ‘Isolation’ succeeds at what it sets out to do.

Kung Fu (S1 - EP9) Isolation
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