In Review: Kung Fu (S1 -Ep3) Patience

Nicky and Henry follow a lead involving a professor who may be of help in their search for Zhilan.

Synopsis: In ‘Patience’. Nicky and Henry follow a lead involving a professor who may be of help in their search for Zhilan. A squabble between Jin and Mei-Li reveals bigger issues in their marriage while Althea is haunted by her past.


The Story

Zhilan has kidnapped a professor who is an expert in the 8 weapons that she is trying to collect. Nicky thinks she has a lead on catching Zhilan, but it doesn’t pan out. After having tortured the professor with thumbscrews. Zhilan learns where one of the mystical weapons is, but also finds out that there is a scabbard missing from the sword that she killed her sister for.

While looking for her brother. Nicky meets a young woman that works at a high-end fashion label called Kwong. When the young woman becomes very sick. Nicky investigates and learns that the partner of the business owner has been poisoning the woman to stop her from forming a union.  Meanwhile, Althea is reminded of an incident from her past that she has not shared with the family.

To conclude. The moral behind this week’s episode is the value of learning patience. We get shown a few examples of it throughout. And one of the flashbacks that Nicky has of her shin fu deals with the issue quite effectively.


The Acting

Olivia Liang does a great job of this episode as we see Nicky struggle to learn patience when it comes to getting the information that she wants. The scene where she apologizes to her brother about trying to force their relationship back into a good place was a great way, to sum up, the episode. We also get a fantastic performance from Yvonne Chapman who gets to show us a little more in terms of how ruthless her character of Zhilan can be. The scene where she is torturing the professor with Thumbscrews was nicely done.



A fairly good episode, which shows us a few more layers to the various characters and what drives them. I’m still liking the friendship that Nicky has struck up with Henry, but it seems that Nicky’s ex-boyfriend is looking into his background for some reason. Also, interesting to learn about what happened to Nicky’s sister Althea. It will be interesting to see if this crops up in future episodes and ties into a future storyline.


Kung Fu (S1 -Ep3) Patience
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