In Review: Kung Fu (S1 – EP2) Silence

When adjusting to life back at home doesn't go as planned, Nicky turns to Henry for help in her hunt for Zhilan.

Synopsis: In ‘Silence’. When adjusting to life back at home doesn’t go as planned, Nicky turns to Henry for help in her hunt for Zhilan. Meanwhile, as Jin looks forward to life getting back to normal, Mei-Li isn’t as optimistic.


The Story

Nicky is still struggling to adapt to being back home and continues to have nightmares about the night her Shifu was killed. While trying to silence her mind in meditation. Nicky relives the fight with Zhilan and notices that she was wearing a pendant with a Crane on it. Having noticed this pendant. She immediately takes a drawing of it to Henry who has been helping her with trying to find Zhilan.

Also, Nicky while trying to make peace with herself notices a homeless girl called Rhonda who is being attacked. Upon seeing this Nicky immediately intervenes and helps Rhonda and her mother out. Added to all of this. She is also struggling to reintegrate into her family. However, a helping hand is given by her Father Jin who wants to continue a game that he started with her before she went to China. This also provides an opportunity for Nicky to help Jim out by helping him monitor his health.


The Acting

Olivia Liang continues to carry the show as Nicky Shen and is proving to be a likable lead. I really enjoyed the scenes she had with Henry (Eddie Liu) and her onscreen sister Althea (Shannon Dang) the most. Overall, all of the actors playing Nicky’s family and friends are pretty much killing it. Dang’s take on Althea providing some mild comedy moments that lighten things up a bit. Vanessa Kai is great in her role of Pei-Ling Zhang who was Nicky’s Shifu. But continues to be a presence in Nicky’s life as a sort of Obi-Wan-style force ghost that she speaks to during meditations.



‘Silence’ was a fairly strong second episode for this new iteration of ‘Kung Fu’. As someone who has struggled with mental health problems. I was particularly impressed with what this episode had to share about the topic of mindfulness and some of the examples shown. I also enjoyed the continuation of the mythology that was set up last week. In that, we now know that Nicky’s mentor was a member of one of 8 families who are sworn to protect the 8 mythical weapons, which Zhilan is hunting for. We also get a bit of a shock revelation to who Zhilan actually is. Although it was kind of hinted about in last week’s pilot.

Kung Fu (S1 - EP2) Silence
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