In Review: Kung Fu (S1 – EP11) Attachment

Nicky and Henry follow a lead that brings them to a K-pop concert in Las Vegas… and on a collision course with Zhilan and Kerwin.

Synopsis: In ‘Attachment’ Nicky and Henry follow a lead that brings them to a K-pop concert in Las Vegas… and on a collision course with Zhilan and Kerwin. Elsewhere, Jin and Mei-Li make a major decision about the restaurant.


The Story

Following on from events in last week’s episode. Nicky and Henry manage to figure out some of the lyrics in the old Lullaby that Nicky’s Aunt recorded as a clue to help them find the forge. When Henry runs the Lullaby through an algorithm that his friend designed. The search flags up the lyrics to a K-Pop song by an artist called Simon Lau. Armed with this new information Nicky and Henry race to Las Vegas to try and speak with the K-Pop artist who also happens to be from one of the Guardian families. But their journey to Vegas puts Nicky and Henry on a collision course with Zhillan and Kerwin.

Elsewhere, Mei-Li Shen and Jin hold a family meeting to announce that they are winding down the restaurant. 


The Acting

Yvonne Chapman continues to prove herself as an uber-villain. The fight scene between her character of Zhilan and Simon Lau was brilliantly choreographed and exciting to watch. I also quite enjoyed the dialogue as Zhilan was taunting Simon during the fight. After all, a cat always likes to play with its prey before making the kill. Michael Bow proved to be quite effective as Simon Lau and played up the pretentious celebrity stereotype fairly well. His initial meeting with Nicky (Olivia Liang) was particularly interesting as he fobs off his role as a Guardian to just being a myth. And as the viewer, you are left wondering whether he truly believes that until his showdown with Zhilan.



With just two episodes left to go before the first season wraps. The storyline is fast coming to a close on this first season arc and we get a pretty strong hint as to what is going to happen when Nicky’s Shifu makes an appearance. She tells Nicky that she will have to once again leave her family in order to shield them from what is to come. Which I find quite sad given that I have somewhat grown attached to the Shen family.

Either way, ‘Attachment’ winds down with some interesting plot threads to follow up on in the last two episodes of the season and I look forward to seeing what happens.

Kung Fu (S1 - EP11) Attachment
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