In Review: Kung Fu (S1 – EP10) Choice

Nicky offers to help Evan when the case he's working on takes a turn.

Synopsis: In ‘Choice’ Nicky offers to help Evan when the case he’s working on takes a turn. Ryan decides to officially introduce Joe as his boyfriend to his parents. Zhilan and Kerwin receive a surprise visitor.


The Story

When Even’s latest case takes a turn for the worse. Nicky offers her services as an unofficial private investigator to help him find evidence to clear his client’s name. The case involves a college fraternity, who has framed an Asian American freshman for murder. So, with a bit of coaching from her sister Althea. Nicky goes back to college and infiltrates a frat party in order to find the evidence they need.

Elsewhere, Ryan decides to officially introduce his boyfriend to his parents, which goes well until his boyfriend comes to him with heartbreaking news.

Back at her lair. Zhilan and her lover Kerwin get a surprise visitor who really knows how to push Kerwin’s buttons. However, it seems that Kerwin passes this test with flying colours and manages to do the right thing for himself and Zhilan.

Having listened to all of her Aunt’s tape recordings, which she found last week. Nicky and Henry are fairly confident that they have figured out a way to stop Zhilan. But first, they must find the forge, which created the eight mystical weapons.


The Acting

We get some strong acting this week from Shannon Dang as Althea chooses to go forward with breeching her NDA agreement with her former employer. This plot point proves pivotal in helping resolve the episodes main storyline. Althea uses her own experience as a means to talk a witness into giving evidence over to Even and Nicky.

Olivia Liang and Gavin Stenhouse also work well together as Nicky and Even work his case together. The scene at the end when they wrap things up is nicely performed as the two agree to remain friends, which I am hoping is a permanent state of play because the last thing this show needs is a love triangle subplot.

Finally, Yvonne Chapman and Ludi Lin have some really strong scenes together as Zhilan and Kerwin’s relationship gets tested.



After all the events of the last episode in which Nicky found her Aunts grave and the cassette tapes that she’d recorded. This week’s episode felt a little bit like filler in that the only new information we get pertaining to the main story is the reveal that Nicky’s Aunt found the forge that made the weapons. However, the episode did set up a potential means by which the show can continue to move forward once Nicky’s quest is either completed or paused.

Having now proved herself as a useful friend to Even. It seems quite likely that we may see more stories of them working cases together. Which will work out pretty well as long as the writers do not decide to bring in the good old love triangle subplot between Even, Henry, and Nicky, which would be really boring at this point because we have seen it so many times already.

Overall. This episode was ok. But not quite as good as we have seen in previous weeks.

Kung Fu (S1 - EP10) Choice
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