In Review: Krypton – Will to Power

The rebels gain an advantage against General Zod

Synopsis: The rebels gain an advantage against General Zod, as Seg goes head-to-head with Brainiac.

Review: Seg’s battle with Brainiac pushes the story forward.

The Story

The rebels are gaining an advantage over General Zod’s forces as they are led by Val-El, but can they be sure that Nyssa is on their side?

Back on the planet. Seg and Adam Strange have succeeded in getting away from Lobo. Seg has come up with a plan to try and defeat Brainiac, which requires him to link up with some biotech in order to engage in a battle of will between himself and Brainiac. Which also means that he will be vulnerable to attack without Adam Strange standing watch.

Back on Krypton. Lyta is still trying to get Zod to allow her to engage her own military strategy with regards to the rebels, but he remains unconvinced.

The Acting

Shaun Sipos provides a somewhat comedic performance this week, which does a brilliant job of adding a touch of levity to Segs rather intense scenes where he is fighting Brainiac.

Blake Ritson puts in a solid performance as Brainiac as he and Seg meet and engage in a battle of wills, which sees Brainiac take on the personas of Lyta among others to try and trick Seg into allowing him to stay inside of him.


This was a more cerebral episode, which involved a psychological battle between Seg and Brainiac. There was not really a great deal of action, but we did get some really strong and well-defined character moments.

I enjoyed the interplay between Cameron Cuffe and Shaun Sipos as Seg and Strange do what they can to take on Brainiac and put distance between themselves and Lobo.

Overall. Very much an episode designed with the sole purpose of getting Seg and Strange back to Krypton, which means that the coming weeks are likely to be interesting as Seg gets a handle on many of the changes that General Zod has made.

Krypton - Will to Power
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