In Review: Krypton – Transformation

After a failed coup, Daron Vex punishes the conspirators. Meanwhile, Lyta and Dev go in search of Jayna Zod.

Synopsis: After a failed coup, Daron Vex punishes the conspirators. Meanwhile, Lyta and Dev go in search of Jayna Zod.

Review: The aftermath of last weeks coup sees Jayna on the run and Seg, General Zod and Lyta have returned to Kandor to find that everything is up in the air. When he hears that Nyssa Vex is to be executed as a traitor. Seg and Lyta go after Daron Vex to find out what has happened. They learn that he has pledged allegiance to Brainiac in order to save his own life, but has essentially sacrificed his daughter. Seg and Lyta pretty much make Daron help them break Nyssa out of jail.

Having aided Seg. Lyta gets Dev to help her track down her mother and when they eventually do. She learns that Dev is now a soldier in Brainiac’s army. Lyta and her mother soon sort out the traitorous Dev and have a bit of a heart to heart before making there way back to Ken’s bar where Jayna is introduced to General Zod.

Elsewhere Adam Strange has been having a bit of a heart to heart with the avatar of Seg’s grandfather and reveals that he came to Kandor and traveled through time and space in order to prove that he could be a hero.

It is pretty much all kicking off in this episode as Brainiac who is posing as the Voice of Rao switches things up entirely by making himself appear to the people as the sun god Rao and promising that there will be no more divide between the houses and the rankless if all embrace Rao. All Seg and his friends can do is watch, but it is apparent that Seg and his friends will have to concoct a plan of action to take down Brainiac or alternatively save as many of the Kandorians as possible.

Overall. This was a solid episode, which built well on the springboard of last weeks coup. I look forward to seeing where this goes and am hoping that the pacing of the remaining episodes picks up a little.

Colin Salmon continues to shine as General Zod, who did not get much to do in this episode but does make a revelation about his father when Jayna asks who his father was.

The CGI that sees Brainiac transform into Rao was stunning.

Krypton - Transformation
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