In Review: Krypton – The Word Of RAO

Seg is approached by a Black Zero leader as Rao finds a scapegoat for the failed Rankless Initiative.

Synopsis: Seg is approached by a Black Zero leader as Rao finds a scapegoat for the failed Rankless Initiative.

Review: This episode peels away more layers with regards to the political situation on Krypton and reveals the full intent of Daron-Vex’s plans, which are to basically stage a coup to unseat the voice of RAO from political office. And when RAO demands a high ranking scapegoat for the incident concerning the Rankless Initiative. We find out just how far Vex is willing to go by seeing who he is prepared to piss off.

As was made pretty obvious in last weeks installment. Lyta Zod was going to have to answer for her actions, but there was certainly never going to be accusations of treachery. At least not until Vex played his hand. Lyta’s fate is seemingly sealed, but that does not stop Seg approaching his future wife Nyssa for help. And as we are finding out. Nyssa is almost as big of a player as her father Daron-Vex, but she does not approve of his methods.

We also find out the identity of Black Zero in this episode and also learn that he and his soldiers are aware of Brainiac and was working with Seg’s grandfather to try and prevent Brainiac’s take over of Krypton.

Much of the action this week takes place against the backdrop of a religious holiday in which the Voice of RAO is trying to win back the faith of the Rankless.

Overall. This was the most solid episode of Krypton yet. We got to see a few more of the layers peeled back in terms of moving the story forward and learned that House Vex has been trying to make alliances in order to overthrow the religious order of RAO in an attempt to unify all the houses of Krypton. We also learn that Seg as the remaining member of the disgraced House El is a bit part of house Vex’s plans.

This episode ends in a brilliant way and sets up some interesting possibilities for next week. Especially when it comes to the Voice Of RAO.

Krypton - The Word Of RAO
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