In Review: Krypton: The Phantom Zone

Seg races to save his city from being taken over as the bottling of Kandor begins.

Synopsis: Seg races to save his city from being taken over as the bottling of Kandor begins.

Review: Zod, Seg, and Lyta concoct a plan to release Val El from the Phantom Zone because they believe he holds the key to defeating Brainiac. Once released and reunited with his grandson. Val reveals that Brainiac has never been defeated, but also reveals the next world that Brainiac will go onto once he has taken Kandor city.  Val reveals that he has found a way to glimpse the future and in no version has he glimpsed the defeat of Brainiac.

Facing down impossible odd and in a last-ditch effort to protect Kandor Lyta orders the Sagatari to engage Brainiac, but it is a futile gesture at best given that all her ships are wiped out.

Zod thinks he can save Kandor by brokering a deal with Brainiac. The deal basically involves Zod handing over Val El to him. Zod is gambling on the fact that Val El’s knowledge of future events will be enough of a bargaining chip for Brainiac to leave Krypton. Of course, Seg disagrees with this strategy, but can do little to stop it, but does manage to come up with something to save Krypton and stop Brainiac, but it is at a huge cost.

Overall. This season one finale does enough to tie up some loose ends and open up some plot points to be picked up on the second season. And it is just as well that there is a second season because viewers would have been disappointed if this has been the series finale. Especially given the loose ends that still need to be tied up.

So we now have a second season, which will likely pick up from where this left off. Hopefully, it will build a more positive and progressive Krypton, but given who is now in charge of the military. I can’t see that happening any time soon.

Colin Salmon is proving to be a wonderful Zod in this series and hearing him utter the words, “Kneel Before Zod” was chilling.

Storywise this was kind of average but elevated by some pretty solid acting performances.

Krypton: The Phantom Zone
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