In Review: Krypton – The Alpha and the Omega

The season two finale delivers a satisfying conclusion to General Zod's arc insofar as it fits in with this prequel series. 

Synopsis: The future of Krypton is at stake as Seg faces off against his enemy, General Zod, with the help of allies.

Review: The season two finale delivers a satisfying conclusion to General Zod’s arc insofar as it fits in with this prequel series.

The Story

With very little time to mourn the loss of his best friend Kem. Seg must rally the troops and come up with a plan to depose General Zod from his status as the leader of Kandor. With strategic help from Val-El, Jayna, Dev-Em, and Lyta a plan is concocted and added and unexpected help comes from Kandor’s lower classes.

While all of this is happening. Nyssa tricks Adam Strange into revealing how his time and space device works and then steals it in order to go after Brainiac in hopes of getting Jor-El back.

The Acting

Wallis Day delivers a really good scene in which Nyssa manipulated Adam Strange into telling her how his time and space device works. The scene that follows on when Adam realizes he has been conned it also really good.

Cameron Cuffe also puts in a strong performance as Seg-El and has an epic scene toward the end of the episode where he and Lyta take down General Zod. The expression on Seg’s face when he has his hands wrapped around Zod’s throat was very convincing.


This was a satisfying conclusion to what has been a fairly strong second season for the show. I think the shorted episode run of just 10 episodes has really helped this series not waste to much time on expositional stuff. Choosing instead putting the main focus on character development and the story.

All the actors have acquitted themselves well throughout the series and there are lots of places that these characters could yet go to in seasons to come. For example, there seems to be a nice relationship that has slowly built up between Dev-Em and Jayna, which could well be explored more in future episodes. Additionally, given that Lyta is now alive and still Primus. We now have a return of the Seg, Nyssa and Lyta triangle.

Closing out with Seg making a deal with Lobo to go after Brainiac. This series still has plenty of narrative mileage to spend.

Krypton - The Alpha and the Omega
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