In Review: Krypton – Savage Night

The resistance begins

Synopsis: A resistance movement begins to form to impede the Voice of Rao’s increasing power and influence.

Review: Seg, Jayne, Lyta, Nyssa and General Zod all formulate a plan to kill the Voice of Rao in hopes of separating him from Brainiac’s control in order to preserve the Genesis chamber, which is Krypton and Kandor’s only way to reproduce. The plan needs for Zod to call on the leader of Black Zero who is happy to help in exchange for Daron Vex.

Meanwhile Adam Strange is out to try and see off General Zod by any and all means. This includes trying to broker a deal with Daron Vex.

While in conversation with Zod. Jayna learns that Zod’s motives for helping Seg and everyone else are not as honorable as she first thought. Zod pretty much openly tells her that he was imprisoned by Seg’s future offspring and found his way to earth to learn about Superman and how he got his powers from the suns radiation. He says to Jayna, “Imagine the good we could all do with such power”.

Colin Salmon once again totally rocks it as Zod his scenes with Jayna are particularly noteworthy for both performance level and content. 

Georgina Campbell also puts in a strong performance as Lyta who has to persuade Dev to potentially give up his life in order to help them separate Rao from the Brainiac symbiont. 

Overall. This was a really, really strong episode, which packed a huge emotional punch and shows how irrelevant the lives of people are to Brainiac whose ultimate end game is to add Kandor City to his collection. The final scenes are heart-wrenching and the expression on Kem’s face says it all.

Quite where the gang is going to go from here as yet remains a mystery. It is not likely going to be an easy path for Seg and his newfound allies and the fact that Jayna now sees Seg as someone to be respected is a huge leap for her character, who has gone from serving without question too daring to question the status quo.

Krypton - Savage Night
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