In Review: Krypton – Pilot

Superman's grandfather learns that Krypton is in danger for a looming threat.

Synopsis: Superman’s grandfather, Seg-El, learns Krypton is in danger of being destroyed so that his future grandson will never be born.

Review: This series is what some fans might have wanted to see based off of the opening 10 minutes or so of ‘Man Of Steel’ where we saw Superman sent to earth.

This show is set a few generations before Superman and opens with the trail of Seg-El’s grandfather whose use of science has uncovered and prophesied the attack, which eventually destroys Krypton. Seg El’s grandfather is executed for his troubles and the House of El is banished from the upper classes of Krypton and more or less condemned to live among the dregs.

The episode then flashes forward a few years and we see Seg-El as a twenty-something adult who is hustling for funds at some dive of a bar and taking on some of Krypton’s law enforcement.

Things don’t really start to unfold until Adam Strange turns up from Earth and tells Seg-El about his future Grandson Kal-El who we all obviously know as Superman. Strange forewarns about the destruction of Krypton and pretty much lays out to Seg-El what he must try to do.

For a pilot episode, this is pretty strong and gives a good balance of drama and action.

Cameron Cuffe is well cast as Seg-El and despite the characters somewhat cocky and devil may care attitude. He is quite a likable character and definitely stands out from the rest of Krypton, which is steeped in tradition and political intrigues.

I like the whole idea that the planet has guilds for different disciplines such as science and of course security. It will be interesting to see how those develop as the series evolves.

Fans of Superman will also be pretty well served in terms of the various family names that we see within this series. For example Lyta and Alura Zod who could well be related to the future General Zod. But you don’t get to see Seg-El kneeling before either of them, but he is romantically involved with Lyta.

Overall. Krypton shows a lot of promise considering it is a prequel to Superman, which is something we haven’t really seen before. The world building is fairly decent and the characters at this point are pretty well fleshed out.

I have no doubt that the show will have its detractors from the Superman fanbase, but imagine that those willing to give something new a chance will invest a little time to see where this goes.

Krypton Pilot
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