In Review: Krypton – Mercy

Krypton proves to be another US Science Fiction series, which is reluctant to kill off a regular cast member and have them stay dead.

Synopsis: Dev and Jayna help Seg and Nyssa target Gen. Zod’s fleet when they make a shocking discovery.

Review: Krypton proves to be another US Science Fiction series, which is reluctant to kill off a regular cast member and have them stay dead.

The Story

This episode gets off to a rather confusing start as we see Lyta with Seg-El looking around their soon to be family home in Kryptopolis. From that point on we are trying to figure out if Seg is dreaming or if its some sort of weird flashback or some sort of game that Brainiac is playing.

Things soon return to a sense of normality when we see Seg and Nyssa still frantically trying to locate where Brainiac has taken the baby Jor-El. Their search is soon interrupted when Jayna and Dev turn up with a plan to help them get back on Zod’s base on Kandor.

Meanwhile, Zod is still working with his scientist to somehow revive and gain some sort of control over Doomsday, which is proving to be quite a task. At this point, we also learn that Lyta is in fact still alive and the Lyta we saw die was in fact a clone. Oh my! What will ever happen if Seg-El finds out? We find out soon enough.

The Acting

Generally a pretty strong outing for all the cast members this week. I thought the scene in which Lyta had figured out that she was hallucinating and got out of the grip of the creature that she was connected to was particularly well-executed. Georgina Campbell puts in a solid performance.


Once you get over the not so shocking revelation that Lyta is indeed alive. This episode turns out pretty good, but I can’t help but feel that the dramatic they are not really dead it was a clone is something that is getting overused in US science fiction. As much as I like Lyta’s character and Campbell’s performance generally. I think I would still prefer to have seen her character stay dead. Mostly because I just liked the idea of General Zod having murdered his mother. That for me seemed to have a more dramatic impact.

Overall. A pretty decent episode.

Krypton - Mercy
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