In Review: Krypton – Light-Years from Home

Season 2 picks up the story six months after last years season finale.

Synopsis: Seg-El is stranded far from home, where his grandfather leads a rebellion against General Zod.

Review: The second season picks up six months after the events of season one and a lot has changed and not for the better.

The Story

With Brainiac defeated. General Zod is now running Krypton and has plans to terraform other worlds in order to repopulate the Kryptonian race, but first, he needs to find out what happened to Doomsday in order to succeed with his plans.

Lyta, who is now working alongside Zod has plans to go after what is left of the resistance and hatches a plan to capture Nyssa and her baby. Elsewhere within the resistance. Adam Strange with help from a none holographic version of Val-El are making plans to rescue Seg-El who has been trapped in the Phantom Zone.

While struggling to get out of the phantom zone. Seg makes the sickening discovery that he has been getting manipulated all along by a very cunning Brainiac. Whose plans included the use of holographic messages from Val-El.

While trying to escape and reach Krypton. Seg-El and a newly arrived Steven Strange run into bounty hunter Lobo.

The Acting

Wallis Day puts in a great performance this week Lyssa who is much less sure of herself than she was last year having learned a few things about herself that have seriously reshaped her world view. There is a great scene between Nyssa and Lyta toward the end of the episode where the two women that used to be on the same side have real digs at each other.

Georgina Campbell also puts in a great performance giving us a much more militant version of Lyta than what we saw in last years series. The blind loyalty to General Zod has her ability to justify things that she’d have struggled to stomach in the first season. Things like torture. Campbell is brilliant at giving us a Lyta who is so single-minded with her new purpose that she is blinded to the fact that she is being used as a chess piece in Zods grasp for power.


This is a really strong opening episode, which sets things in motion for the coming weeks.

Emmett J Scanlan makes a wonderful first impression as Lobo and could well prove to be the most entertaining element of Krypton in the weeks to come.

Overall. A pretty solid opening. Hopefully, the writers can keep this momentum moving forward.

Krypton - Light-Years from Home
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