In Review: Krypton – In Zod We Trust

In the wake of tragedy, Seg helps Nyssa rescue their son

Synopsis: In the wake of tragedy, Seg helps Nyssa rescue their son; alliances on Wegthor fracture.

Review: Zod gives Val El and the resistance an ultimatum.

The Story

The killing of Lyta Zod by Jax’s hand has had the desired effect of making General Zod emotional, but it has also had a detrimental effect on the resistance in that Jax’s extreme actions have seen her support dwindle as Val El is chosen to lead. And one of Val El’s first acts is to try and reach out to General Zod and try and get leniency, but Zod is not having any of it. He gives Val El an ultimatum. He delivers Jax to him on Kandor by a set time or he will wipe out the entire resistance with his new weapon.

Meanwhile back on Kandor. Nyssa is setting up to trade the Codex with Zod in exchange for her son. But thanks to some help from Seg Ell she is able to get her son back without handing the Codex over. Seg also confides in Nyssa about the fact that he has some of Brainiac’s consciousness in his head.

The Acting

Once again. Ian McElhinney and Hannah Waddingham put in brilliant performances as Val El and Jax-Ur. The brief exchange they have where Jax-Ur says that she always tried to protect Val-El from getting blood on his hands was quite a good way of showing the differences in the two characters. Val El being more of a cerebral person who tries to find the most peaceful route whereas Jax-Ur will justify having to kill a few people to get the desired result.

Colin Salmon also puts in a wonderful performance as Zod who is pretty unstable after the death of his mother.


Most of this episode dealt with the aftermath of Lyta’s death and a few changes within the resistance. Truth be told it was quite a slow episode that dragged a little.

The only real action beat where when Seg-El rescues Nyssa and her baby.

Hopefully, next week’s episode will see a bit more forward movement with the story.


Krypton - In Zod We Trust
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