In Review: Krypton – House Of El

After suffering a tragedy, Seg must adjust to a new life, a new rank and a new threat.

Synopsis: After suffering a tragedy, Seg must adjust to a new life, a new rank and a new threat.

Review: Having set up the world of Krypton in the pilot episode. This second episode starts to open things up more in regards to the political intrigues of Krypton and does so much to establish the who is who.

For the best part of this second outing. Seg is consumed with feelings of revenge towards Vex for the death of his parents. But he is brought back on track by various friends and Adam Strange.  To be honest this episode is a little slow to get going and it is mostly due to the fact that Seg El is allowed far too much time to do his smoldering pout face and generally act like a bit of an edgy teenager.  It is only at the episodes halfway point when Seg is given more of a purpose thanks to a holographic lesson from his grandfather that he realizes he has much bigger things to do than get revenge.

In complete contrast to Seg El. Lyta Zod is far less of a brooder and more of a doer, which is probably something to do with her being in the warriors guild. As retribution for their part in protecting Seg El’s parents and to send the resistance a message. Lyta’s immediate superior in the chain of command is rubbing his hands with glee at the opportunity to kick some lower class butt. Lyta, by contrast, is not quite as enthusiastic and challenges her superior officer to a duel, which in the traditions of the warrior class is a fight to the death.  The outcome should be obvious to anyone watching. Game of Thrones this show is not. Otherwise, half the main cast would be dead by now.

By the close of the episode, we have learned that it is not wise to underestimate Lyta Zod, which was something that was pretty much telegraphed from the outset. We also see Seg starting down the path of reclaiming his family name, which is something that could take awhile. And we also learn that Brainiac is much closer to Krypton than initially thought. I wonder if this is deliberate just in case the show does not last the course?

Overall. It was an okay episode. Not great or brilliant. A bit more work needs to be done to flesh out these characters. They seem to lack dimension. I mean it’s not good when I am half way through an episode and know the outcome of Lyta’s fight before even seeing it. Thus far for me. The most interesting character is Adam Strange. Seg El I am not decided about.

Krypton - House Of El
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