In Review: Krypton – Ghosts in the Fire

Adam Strange and Seg managed to evade a bounty hunter, while General Zod uses Nyssa to further his cause. 

Synopsis: Adam Strange and Seg managed to evade a bounty hunter, while General Zod uses Nyssa to further his cause.

Review: This episode doesn’t really do a massive amount to further the story, but manages to compensate with some great character moments.

The Story

Having captured Nyssa at the tail end of last weeks episode. Zod uses the threat of harm to her son to strong-arm her into returning to the resistance camp to spy on his enemies. But Nyssa informs the resistance of this as soon as she returns and plays along. Which could well mean that we will have a bit of counter-espionage happening.

Elsewhere. Jayna Zod is still alive and is a wanted woman by General Zod’s soldiers, which prove to be no match for her. While on the run Jayna has a moment of realization and vows that she will no longer make her family into killers, but it might well be too late for that.

Meanwhile, Adam Strange and Seg try and figure out a means of escape from a very unstable and somewhat crazy Lobo, who is hunting for Brainiac in order to avenge the deaths of his people. Little does he know that Brainiac is a lot closer than he thinks.

The Acting

Some solid performances this week and Ann Ogbomo is absolutely brilliant as a Jayna Zod who has been changed by her exile. I loved the moment where she has her epiphany and how that is counterbalanced by her daughter Lyta being just as brutal as her mother was to recruits when training.

Also really good was Emmett J Scanlan as Lobo, who has some wonderful scenes with Seg and Adam Strange. There is no wonder that Lobo might well have his own show. If this is anything to go by.


A solid episode which doesn’t do a massive amount to move the story arc along but chooses instead to give us some really well-developed character moments. The scenes involving Lobo, Seg and Strange are fun to watch. And the revelation about Brainiac being inside of Seg was well delivered.

Krypton - Ghosts in the Fire
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