In Review: Krypton – Danger Close

Val and his Rebels prepare a major offensive.

Synopsis: Seg and Adam return to a very different Kandor; Val and his Rebels prepare a major offensive.

Review: With Seg and Adam back on Kandor. Things begin to get complicated for Seg who seemingly still has a little of Brainiac in him.

The Story

Seg returns to Kandor while Adam returns to the resistance to reconnect with Val El who is staging a major offensive to take control of the space lift.

Seg reconnects with Lyta and finds that she is not the same person he left behind before being consigned to the Phantom Zone. He tries to talk Zod down from his plans explaining that he has a vision while in the Phantom Zone in which he saw the General strangle Lyta.

As Seg learns more about Zods plans and some of the atrocities that the General has already committed he likes it less and less.

Elsewhere, Jayna Zod hears Dev-Em’s story and says that they are now together as equals. Jayna has her mind set on taking down General Zod.

The Acting

Cameron Cuffe gets a lot of good scenes in this episode as a very confused Seg El who is trying to figure out where he fits. The scene where Lyta pretty much betrays him is pretty damn impressive.

Colin Salmon continues to chew up the scenery as the General whose plans for Kandor are a lot bigger than Seg El is comfortable with. The scene in which Zod and Seg El talk is really well staged and comes at a point in the episode where things begin to get very interesting.


A really strong episode, which sees a lot of wheels in motion as Val El’s plans do not come off exactly as expected. That said neither do General Zods.

This episode combined some really interesting character beats with some Machiavellian politics on both Zods side as well as that of the resistance.


Krypton - Danger Close
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