In Review: Krypton – Civil Wars

Seg is faced with an impossible choice that will shape the El legacy and the fate of the universe.

Synopsis: Seg is faced with an impossible choice that will shape the El legacy and the fate of the universe.

Review: The plot thickens as House Vex’s alliance with House Zod get tested in terms of how far they are prepared to go in their scheme to assassinate The Voice Of Rao.

Elsewhere. Lyta, Seg El, and Adam Strange meet up with General Zod who has traveled back in time to seek out a super weapon that will help save Kandar City from Brainiac, but Adam’s knowledge of General Zod and his relationship to Superman casts a little doubt on whether Zod can be trusted.

It has to be said. Colin Salmon is pretty good casting for the role of General Zod here in that he is not really the first person you’d think of to play Zod, but then again this is a somewhat different version of the character than the one we’ve seen in previous incarnations.

This episode goes fairly deep into Superman’s mythology to a point where the weapon that Zod is seeking is revealed to be the only supervillain to have ever been able to kill the Man Of Steel.

I rather liked the relationship that forms between Zod and Seg in this episode and also enjoyed the scenes in which the General was talking to Lyta his mother about how she crafted him into a weapon.

The political intrigue between Vex and Jayna Zod comes to a head in this episode when the two disagree over the execution of their plan. Jayna has to bring Commander Em in on the plan in order to cut off any chance of resistance, but she doesn’t count on a younger member of the Saggatari doubting his orders.

Overall. This episode got through a lot of plot, but the pacing was a bit of slog. Colin Salmon was fantastic as General Zod and Ann Ogbomo put in a solid performance as Jayna. But things have been developing at a pretty slow rate.

Thankfully things end on a cliffhanger that will likely hold peoples interest is the payoff is worth it.

Krypton - Civil Wars
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