In Review: Krypton – A Better Yesterday

Seg seeks answers about Lyta

Synopsis: Amidst a hostage negotiation that could end the war on Krypton, Seg seeks answers about Lyta.

Review: Seg El and General Zod have serious words.

The Story

Lyta has been captured by the rebels and Jax-Ur uses her as a means to try and broker a negotiated peace with General Zod.

Back on Kandor Seg-El has taken Zod hostage and is pressing him for information about the conditioning of Lyta and all the other people that he has programmed to fulfill his will. During these scenes with Seg and Zod, it becomes apparent that Brainiac still has a little influence over Seg El.

Jax-Ur and Val El are fast learning that neither of them is on the same page when it comes to leading the rebellion. Jax is for doing what she feels must be done. Whereas Val El would prefer a more measured approach. This comes to a head at the close of the episode when Jax takes a rather drastic action in order to make her point to the people of Kandor and of course General Zod.

Zod having gotten the upper hand on Seg El is more than prepared to kill him, but is stopped by Jayna Zod who has managed to enlist a few people to help on her mission to end General Zod. As Jayna and Seg make their getaway. They both watch on in horror as Jax-Ur does her worst.

The Acting

Hannah Waddingham absolutely rocks it as the radical rebel leader Jax-Ur. The scene’s where she is at odds with Val El are absolutely phenomenal and aided by how understated and calm Ian McElhinney’s performance is. This is an acting master class with regards to the give and take involved in portraying a personal conflict on screen. McElhinney is extraordinary with the amount of space that he allows for Waddingham’s performance.

Similarly, the conflict between Zod and Seg has a similar give and take despite it being a more adversarial scene.


This was a really strong episode, which has some pretty massive implications for how next week will most likely play out. Especially given that both Seg El and Jayna have been dealt a serious emotional bow by Jax-Ur’s actions. But both also have a mutual interest in stopping General Zod.

The scene toward the close of the episode where Brainiac is telling Seg El when and where to shoot is a lot of fun

Overall. A fantastic episode, which illustrates how war can be hell.

Krypton - A Better Yesterday
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