In Review: Kong: The Great War #2

The men of U-184 have survived one night on the island...but the casualties mount with relentless fury

Synopsis: In this second issue of Kong: The Great War. The men of U-184 have survived one night on the island…but the casualties mount with relentless fury, as more beasts from the annals of pre-history wreak terror on the modern world!


The Story

The Captain and the surviving crew of U-184 have survived their first night on the island. But the casualties and harsh conditions are beginning to take their toll. As the men try to find safety by moving to higher ground. They lose another of their friends as the ground shakes and opens up. But could they be escaping one monster only to find themselves confronted by another?


The Artwork

Tommasso Bianchi and colorist James Develin from where they left off. Once again they combine to bring us some claustrophobic imagery of the dense jungle landscape that the U-Boat Captain and his crew must navigate to find their way to higher ground. One of the best sequences is when Myers who is sent ahead gets swallowed up by a monster that seems to live in some quicksand. I also quite enjoyed the sequence where one of the men goes full-on berserker and appears to take on a bunch of raptors with a big stick.



Alex Cox continues to produce a fun and somewhat frightening story. I love the way in which we are experiencing the story via the Captain’s diary or log entries. The pacing of the story is just about right. Too slow and it would be a bore, but too fast and there would be no sense of tension. Cox just about manages to strike the right balance where he has you on the edge of your seat waiting to read what will happen next.

This second issue ends with a brilliant visual, which acts as a wonderful bit of foreshadowing for what is to come. As we see the Captain and his men make camp in what appears to be one of Kong’s hand prints.

Kong: The Great War #2
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