In Review: Klaus (Netflix)

Netflix delivers another delightful Christmas animation for all the family to enjoy. 

Synopsis: When Jasper is found to be failing at the Post Office Academy. His father exiles him to Smeerensberg and tasks him with making 6000 letters before he can return home.

Review: Netflix delivers another delightful Christmas animation for all the family to enjoy.

The Story

When a postal student Jasper is failing at the academy. His exasperated father exiles him to a small town on an island, which is just above the arctic circle called Smeerensberg. Upon arrival, Jasper is greeted with utter contempt by the adult population and learns that the town does not send letters because of a feud between the Ellingbows and the Krums. As a result of this feud, the children are all miserable.

All changes when Jasper meets Klaus. A lonely woodsman who makes toys. When Jasper and Klaus deliver a Toy to one of the children, who had sent a letter. The other children start to send letters to Klaus, which sees Jasper and Klaus deliver more toys to all the children and thus bring Christmas to the island of Smeerensberg.

The Acting

The voice acting in this animation is fantastic. Jason Schwartzman is wonderfully cast as Jasper who starts out as lazy and pretty damn selfish, but through Klaus’s influence, he becomes a better person. Equally well cast is J.K. Simmons as Klaus who doesn’t really say a great deal in his first scenes, but over time opens up about why he made so many toys. I really loved the ‘Ho Ho Ho’ style laugh that Simmons provides for the character.

The villain of the piece is Mrs. Krum who is voiced brilliantly by Joan Cusack who really seems to relish being the villain and has a great deal of fun with her voice work on this film.


Klaus is a delightful Christmas film, which feels very much like something that families will enjoy over the festive period. The voice acting is topnotch and the animation and soundtrack are nicely done.

Klaus (Netflix)
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