In Review: Kiss Me First – Episode 4

Adrian's manipulations become deadlier and more intricate

Synopsis: Feeling responsible for Tess’s safety, Leila realises that Adrian is playing a game. But closing Red Pill down, Adrian sows the first seeds of doubt about Leila.

Review: This episode saw a lot of character development and some excellent twists. Matthew Aubrey showed a more concerned and responsible side to Jonty which was good to see. The scene where Jonty and Leila have sex was beautiful, passionate and tender and the score that accompanied it set the mood very well. Tallulah Haddon acts stupendously in every scene she is in. I especially liked her interactions with Kyle, played with great intensity by Freddie Stewart.

The scene where Leila and Adrian talk on the phone showed Tallulah Haddon’s grit and courage. The actress brought vulnerability and confusion to Leila as well in the scene where Leila speaks to the embittered creator of Azana in her home. Geraldine Somerville conveyed Ruth Palmer’s brittleness and loss of hope excellently. I loved her line to Leila: “Promise to stop this. It’s not real.” and the confusion this created in Leila that led to her getting drunk.

Simona Brown delivered some truly magnificent acting in her scenes. I loved the false hope with which Tess appealed to her family and the brilliantly restrained anger from her mother, played marvelously by Pooky Quesnel. The line “Look at you.” to Tess was brilliantly delivered. The part when Tess looked through the window and saw her dad, who had been afflicted by a stroke, was well acted by Simona Brown. There was real poignancy when Tess’s sister delivered the line: “Mum’s going to get her chequebook and I think we’re finally done.”

There was some fantastic acting from Misha Butler in the scene where Kyle enters his home. Freddie Stewart was impressive throughout this outing. The scene that introduces him was wonderfully creepy and stark, and the part where he appears in Mr. Adams’s home showed the actor’s charisma and intensity perfectly. Matthew Beard‘s Adrian is even creepier this time, gaslighting Tess and maneuvering each of the other characters into position as part of a grander scheme.

It is a mark of good storytelling that Leila is driven to alcohol when faced with the full scope of Adrian’s machinations; convincing the police that she persuaded Calumny and Denier to kill themselves and turning the other Red Pill members against her. The musical score was impressive throughout. I loved the piano that accompanied Leila finding Mr. Adams’s body and her eventual meeting with Kyle as well as the dark and creepy score that played when Kyle watches from outside the woman whose car he fixed undress in her bedroom. The CGI was much more eerie and disturbing in this installment, showing Adrian’s sadism as he makes Leila watch the deaths of Calumny and Denier in extreme detail.

Overall, a great episode that leaned on characterisation and development of the story.

Kiss Me First - Episode 4
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