In Review: King of Spies #2

The world’s greatest secret agent is murdering every crooked politician and spymaster he blames for the world we’re in right now

Synopsis: This month in King of Spies. The world’s greatest secret agent is murdering every crooked politician and spymaster he blames for the world we’re in right now, a killing spree that takes him to presidents and prime ministers in a race against the brain tumor that’s killing him. He’s literally the world’s most wanted man, and only the person he loves most can take him down.


The Story

Picking up shortly after events in the first issue. Roland King has started a killing spree taking out a number of Ex-Prime Ministers, A Paedophile Pop Star, another agent who was responsible for the death of a princess. And if that isn’t enough. He has his sights set on a former US President. It’s fair to say that the British Government is in panic mode and the only person that they can think of that will take Roland King off the board is none other than his son Atticus King.


The Artwork

Matteo Scalera once again hits the boards running as he launches us into a number of action beats that will make your average James Bond action scene look like kindergarten. We get a brilliant series of action panels toward the end of the issue in which we see Roland King make a hasty exit from a plane, but winds up in an ariel sky diving fight that would even make Roger Moore blush. The art in this book is graphic, violent, and in your face, which is just the way I like it. Especially when it comes to this sort of comic.



This is a fantastic second issue, which sees the events from issue one escalate and then some. This is very much the anti-james bond book and gives us a secret agent that has suddenly grown a set and is truly looking to question the morality of the government and the systems that he has spent his life protecting.

I can’t wait for the next issue.

King of Spies #2
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