In Review: Killjoys – What to Expect When You’re Expecting… An Alien Parasite

Things are not exactly quiet on the good ship Lucy.

Synopsis: Della Seyah’s impossibly complicated delivery, John on the brink of madness, Dutch, staggered after being trapped in another dimension. Things are not exactly quiet on the good ship Lucy. Nor are they back in the Quad where our Killjoys are learning what comes of turning your back on sleeping Hullen.

Review: Things get complicated for the Killjoys as Della Seyah’s pregnancy presents some rather strange complications as the baby grows bigger inside of her.  Thankfully Zeph is on the case but is at a loss to solve the issue of being able to separate the Hullen from Della Seyah for a long enough time to allow her to give birth.  Even the old reliable C Section does not work because the Hullen blood inside Sayeh heals the wound far too quickly.

Meanwhile, Johnny is slowly losing his mind as he undergoes the mother of withdrawal as the Hullen inside of him fights him every step of the way through the withdrawal process. Not even D’avin or Dutch who is now back can calm him down. But we eventually learn that Johnny’s unique solution to withdrawal helps Zeph solve the issue of Della Seyah’s pregnancy.

Dutch who returned in last weeks episode is having flashbacks to her time in the Green with Aneela and The Lady. We get to see how the Lady posing as Khlyen went all out to interrogate Dutch by using her own memories against her as a weapon. We begin to get a real sense of just how powerful and determined The Lady is and she is beyond trying to be ladylike.

Overall. This was a strong episode, which gave everyone something to do but also acted as a means of reuniting the core team of the series. So a bit of a reset button is used. I loved Della Seyah’s put-downs when Zeph was trying to help her.  I also liked how Johnny’s withdrawal solutions wound up being the means by which Zeph helps Seyah give birth.

As ever we are left with a few questions. One of which is whether or not Dutch will be able to make good on her promise to find Aneela and get her out of the green.

Killjoys - What to Expect When You're Expecting... An Alien Parasite
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