In Review: Killjoys – Three Mutineers

Dutch's prison takeover hits a snag when it is thwarted by a hostage situation, leaving her, D'avin and John scrambling for a new plan. 

Synopsis: Dutch’s prison takeover hits a snag when it is thwarted by a hostage situation, leaving her, D’avin and John scrambling for a new plan.

Review: With the final series now at the midway point. The story is starting to unravel and this episode goes some way to doing that.

The Story

Having won the fighting tournament in last weeks show thanks to an intervention by Coren Jeers and Sparlo. Dutch and D’avin find themselves having to do some fast talking by making themselves as indispensable as possible to the two cons as possible.

Elsewhere on the prison ship. Johnny is doing all he can to keep The Wardan out of harm’s way. Due to the fact that Coren and his cons are pretty determined to end her life. But it is also Johnny’s hacking skills, which save the day as he is able to upload Lucy’s A.I onto the ship to help warn Dutch and D’avin of imminent danger.

Back on Westerley Khlyen is trying to enlist Gared’s help to plant a listening device on Pree so he can listen in on any plans that get made involving the Killjoys. It’s obvious that Khylen is playing a clever game, but you have to wonder how long he is going to be able to fool The Lady.

Elsewhere Kendry, Jaq, and Aneela begin to make plans, but the biggest thing they have to do in the immediate future is to keep Jaq safe. Aneela is still Hullen and initially, it looks like her feelings for Kendry may have changed, but things eventually get worked out as the two women begin to set off on their shared mission to stop The Lady.

Back on the Prison Ship. Dutch and her friends manage to pull off a brilliant tactical ploy, which will give them an advantage in the fight to come.

The Acting

Hannah John-Kamen gets to play things intense as well as for laughs this week as she plays both Dutch and Aneela. Intense in that Dutch and John have a scene in which they finally talk about the fake relationship they were forced to have thanks to the mind tinkering that The Lady did on them. And fun due to Aneela not being aware of subtlety when she tells Jaq to go away while she and his other mother have sex. Both scenes obviously helped by two very good actors in the form of Aaron Ashmore as Johnny and Mayko Nguyen as Kendry.


This was a really strong episode, which builds nicely for the latter part of this final season. The Killjoys have found new allies on the Prison ship with the Warden and a whole bunch of prisoners. And it looks like Zeph is beginning to lay the groundwork for a Westerley fight back thanks to the fact that she has figured out a way to neutralize the mind-altering effects of the rain.

All of these things stand us in good stead for what hopefully will be a more action-packed second half to the season.


Killjoys - Three Mutineers
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