In Review: Killjoys – Three Killjoys and A Lady

The Killjoy trio begin to wonder if there is a traitor in their midst.

Synopsis: After escaping The Lady’s clutches and reuniting with Lucy, the Killjoy trio start to wonder if there is a traitor amongst them.

Review: This episode blows the fuse on the paranoia meter. UK readers are warned. This review includes Spoilers.

The Story

This episode opens up with the Killjoy trio in custody. So we get a few scenes of Dutch being tortured by The Lady before D’avin is sprung by Khlyen, which enables him to get Dutch and Johnny and return to Lucy.

From this point on things get a bit tense as technical issues begin to plague Lucy, which gets Dutch wondering if everyone is who they claim to be. When she spots a mark on D’avin’s neck, which is similar to one that she seen on The Lady’s neck. Dutch suspects that the trailer is D’avin. But things soon become more confusing when it is revealed that all the Killjoys have these strange marks on their bodies.

The Acting

Hannah John-Kamen, Aaron Ashmore, and Luke Macfarlane put on an absolutely stunning performance as Dutch, Johnny, and D’avin deal with their paranoia and suspicions with regards to one of them being possessed by The Lady.


This was a pretty good episode with a few great moments, but unfortunately, there is one thing that isn’t explained in the episode. The marks that each of the Killjoys has, which kicks off Dutch’s suspicions are conveniently forgotten about when the episode wraps up with them surrendering. Which means that they are of some importance for future episodes or maybe just completely written off.

It is also a sad episode as well because the traitor among them winds up being Lucy the ships Artificial Intelligence. We get a touching scene toward the close of the episode where Johnny gets to say goodbye to Lucy before he has to completely shut her down in order to save their lives.

In terms of the overall story arc. We learn that the hatchlings that Dutch killed last week were all clones of The Lady. So as we move into the next few weeks. We’ll likely see the Killjoys searching around for the Lady’s original body.

Killjoys - Three Killjoys and A Lady
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