In Review: Killjoys – The Hullen Have Eyes

Johnny does battle with new nerd Zeth

Synopsis: Johnny gets reinstated as a Killjoy and takes a joy ride in one of the Hullen ships with Dutch and D’Avin.

Review: The Killjoys give us their take on ‘The Hills Have Eyes’ when they land one of the Hullen ships on a mysterious planet, which seems to be a Hullen training camp. Dutch and D’Avin investigate the planet while Johnny stays on the new ship trying to figure it all help with a little help from the new nerd Zeph.

As the team investigates the planet. They learn that it was a Hullen project, which was being overseen by Khylen before he died.

Elsewhere the Hullen Fleet is still in transit and joining their number is Delle Seyah Kendry who is desperate to make a good impression on Hullen leader Aneela, but telling her that her father Khylen is dead is not the best of starts.

We get to see first hand just how unstable Aneela is when she kills 6 of her aids with a knife upon hearing the news of her father. Kendry is lucky to survive with her life, but does manage to somehow appeal to Aneela’s better nature, but for how long.

Back on the planet. Dutch and D’Avin are captured and Dutch is mistakenly taken for Aneela. They play along for awhile until the leader of the planet catches on to the fact that Dutch is faking it. Which is when we learn that the planet’s leader is no longer under the influence of the Hullen given that the source of the parasite that once possessed him has been purged from the star system that they are in.

This was a really solid episode with a great duel acting performance from Hannah John-Kamen as both Dutch and Aneela. I loved the back and forth of Johnny and new nerd Zeph trying to figure each other out. And Zeph thinking that she has something to prove.

It was also great to see Aneela and Kendry get some scenes given that Kendry is always a fun character and Aneela has been more of a bogeyman until now.

Look forward to seeing how all this will connect with next weeks episode and the overall arc this year.

Killjoys - The Hullen Have Eyes
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