In Review: Killjoys – Terraformance Anxiety

The Lady's terraforming plans are becoming a reality, as the Killjoy trio scramble to find a way to defeat her. 

Synopsis: The Lady’s terraforming plans are becoming a reality, as the Killjoy trio scramble to find a way to defeat her.

Review: This penultimate episode of the series sets everything up for what may well be one hell of a finale.

The Story

The Lady’s plans are fast becoming a reality and believing his daughters to be dead. Khlyen is fully onboard and asks The Lady to spare his planet of Quesh from her plans.

Meanwhile. Dutch, D’avin, and John have been formulating a plan, which involves training 12 squads of Prisoners to take out several of the Lady’s factories, but when Zeph figures out that they only need to hit the factory in old town. Their plans have to change. When Kendry and Aneela show up things become a little more complicated as Aneela reveals what it is the Lady really wants. Khlyen and his knowledge. This changes their plans somewhat as the Killjoys have to factor Khlyen and whatever side he chooses into their plans by baiting a trap. But this means that the Killjoys will have to sacrifice their home.

Back in old town. Turin and Pree do all they can to evacuate the civilian population and try and get them out of Old Town to safety. All of this is happening as Dutch and her team attacks The Ladys main factory in old town.

The Acting

Rob Stewart puts in a fantastic performance this week. The scene at the beginning where he asks The Lady to allow him to have a planet is great setup for what is to come. And shows Khlyen up for the politician and survivor that he is. He believes he has nothing left.

I also enjoyed Thom Allison’s performance as Pree. The scene in the Bar where he is trying to keep everyone together and gets them singing a rebellious old town song is fantastic fun.

Hannah John-Kamen also puts in a great performance as she portrays both Dutch and Aneela. The different mannerisms and voice intonation for both these characters is brilliantly done. And having the two sisters share scenes together is always fascinating to watch. Especially given that they started out as rivals.


A really great episode which sets everything up for next weeks series finale. To say that the Lady is pissed would be an understatement. But given how this episode closes out. It looks like she is preparing to fight back in a big way. As to how remains to be seen.

The action sequences in Old Town’s Factory are brilliantly entertaining. As are the scenes on Quesh where two of the leaders of the planet ask D’avin, which one of them he’d like to marry in exchange for their weapons.

Killjoys - Terraformance Anxiety
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