In Review: Killjoys – Ship Outta Luck

The Killjoys must figure out a way to escape a maximum security prison.

Synopsis: The Killjoys must figure out a way to escape a maximum-security prison.

Review: This episode sees Dutch and the gang having to make an uneasy alliance.

The Story

The Lady and Khlyen have placed Dutch, Johnny, and D’avin in the most inescapable prison in the quad. The Lady is hoping that it will bring D’avin’s young son Jaq out of hiding. Now Dutch and her friends must figure out a way to escape, which means that they may have to make a few alliances with some unsavory types.

Back in Westerley Zeph is no longer under the influence of the Lady’s rain and has managed to get Turin involved in helping her figure out a way and a means to render the chemicals in the Rain useless.

Back on the prison ship. Dutch and the gang have just botched their first escape attempt. Only to find that the prison they are on is, in fact, a prison ship. The Wardon of the prison offers them a deal. She wants the Killjoys to prevent the assassination of a high profile prisoner on X-Wing. Thing start off well until an old enemy shows up and throws a bit of a spanner in the works.

The Acting

Alanna Bale puts in a pretty commanding performance as the Lady. I particularly enjoyed the scene toward the close of the episode where she is having issues with human emotions, which the symbiont sees as a major weakness in the human condition. Also good is Rob Stewart as Khlyen. You are never quite sure what side Khlyen is on.


A strong outing for all the cast as the story arc hits the midway point with Zeph and Turin beginning to make some inroads into saving Westerley from the rain and taking steps to free the population from the mind-altering drug, which The Lady has used.

Things are only going to get more interesting from here on out.


Killjoys - Ship Outta Luck
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