In Review: Killjoys – Reckoning Ball

Delle Seyah Kendry comes to parlay a deal with the Killjoys. 

Synopsis: Delle Seyah Kendry comes to parlay a deal with the Killjoys.

Review: Kendry pays the Killjoy’s an unexpected visit and reveals that the baby she is carrying is the child of D’Avin Jakobi.

Kendry asks to deal directly with Johnny, which causes a lot of tension. Johnny reluctantly agrees and takes the opportunity to investigate the origin of Kendry’s baby with some help from Zeph.

While all of this is happening. D’Avin and Dutch try to implant a fake memory into their Hullen prisoner and send her back to Aneela and the Hullen fleet.

There are some wonderful performances in this episode as Dutch tries to convince D’Avin not to tell Johnny about the setback with regards to her plan. Namely, if Aneela is killed Dutch will die also.

These scenes with Hannah John-Kamen and Luke Macfarlane are really well played. As are the scenes between Aaron Ashmore and Mayko Nguyen.

Kelly McCormack‘s Zeph provides a sprinkle of humour when she clumsily propositions Johnny. But yet again she also learns something new that the Killjoys can use. Something with regards Kendry’s baby, which is a potential weapon that the Hullen can use against them. 

We get a nice sprinkling of mythology at the start of the episode in which Alvis tells a young initiate in the order about past encounters with the Hullen and how the Scar Backs got their name.

There’s a lot of tension sewn throughout this episode with a lot of set up for the coming war.

The closing moments of the episode sneak up on you and we see a much loved recurring character taken out of the equation in a rather graphic way.

Additionally, we catch a brief moment of Fancy Lee who releases Turin from his imprisonment. Fancy tells Turin that he is reluctant to trust him, but it is war.

With everything that is set up here. I look forward to seeing how much gets resolved in the next episode.

Killjoys - Reckoning Ball
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