In Review: Killjoys – One-Blood

The hunt for a famous Killjoy who has gone rogue sees teams from around the system pitted against each other.

Synopsis: The hunt for a famous Killjoy who has gone rogue sees teams from around the system pitted against each other. But Khylen has an ulterior agenda.

Review: The team winds up going up against other Killjoys in order to hunt down and capture a former killjoy that has gone rogue. Meanwhile Khylen who is Dutch’s mentor from the Harem is maunipulating the situation for his own ends and Dutch under his control, which sees John and D’avin having to work the hunt on their own for most part.

Dutch is torn about the whole hunt given that the person they have to capture is the person that taught her all there is to know about being a Killjoy.

This for me is the episode that has pretty much moved this series to a whole new level.

Although the story isn’t really all that original. The character development that comes out of it is nothing short of fantastic. Especially where it concerns Dutch.

By the close of the story Dutch is supper pissed off and reveals some of her secrets to John and D’Avin in order to get their help in hunting Khylen and his accomplices down.

Some brilliant acting here from Hannah John-Kamen and Rob Stewart as Khylen who has maintained a cold calculating mood throughout all his scenes until he snaps near the end of the story. 

We also see D’Avin’s storyline worked on a little here as well, but it be interesting to see how he copes now that his Doctor has found herself under arrest.

Killjoys - One-Blood
  • 9.0
  • Acting
  • CGI
  • Incidental Music

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