In Review: Killjoys – Last Dance

The entire series arc wraps up with this series finale as Dutch and the gang engage in one last dance.

Synopsis: Dutch uses Khlyen to bait The Lady and finds herself in the midst of a final, epic showdown.

Review: Killjoys ends its series with a lot of bang as Dutch and The Lady have their final say with each other.

The Story

In an audacious plan to bring her out from her protection. Dutch uses Khlyen as bait in order to lure the human embodiment of the Lady into a trap, which involves quite a few mind games.

Elsewhere, Aneela and Kendry have taken over the ruling bodies of Quesh in order to send an armada of ships to take down the Lady’s ship while she is otherwise occupied with Dutch and Khlyen. Meanwhile, D’avin and Johnny get into a spot of trouble and wind up being saved by Jaq, who the Lady has been experimenting on with a view to build some clones that will be more stronger than human hosts. D’avin, Johnny and Jaq must race against time to get off of the Lady’s ship before the armada destroys it.

The Acting

Hannah John-Kamen once again puts in a great performance as she takes on the duel roles of Dutch and Aneela for one final dance. Her scenes with Khlyen and the Lady are some of the best we have seen in the series as The Lady thinks she can control Dutch and Khlyen with a collars that allow her to impose her will onto them. Alanna Bale is also great in her role of The Lady and is genuinely creepy throughout the episode.


This was a really satisfying finale, which wraps up the storyline of the battle with The Lady, but leaves a few loose ends for the Killjoys to mop up on their own accord while off screen, which could well create a path for a comic book series. In other words it ends in such a way that Westerley is saved and our family of misfits get to continue on doing what they do best.

It also gives us a happy ending for the doomed romance of Zeph and Pippin, who thanks to The Lady’s plans failing get to be reunited.

Killjoys - Last Dance
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