In Review: Killjoys – Escape Velocity

The Killjoys find themselves way over their heads as they learn about the terrible secret of Level 6 and a coup within the Nine.

Synopsis: The Killjoys find themselves way over their heads as they learn about the terrible secret of Level 6 and a coup within the Nine.

Review: The season finale of Killjoys leaves fans with a wait, but for UK fans it will likely be a long wait due to Syfy UK’s issue in terms of scheduling shows a little to long after they premier in the US and Canada.

The episode continues from where last week left off with the mystery surrounding level six, which as it turns out is a whole other level of intrigue in and of itself.

While Dutch and Jon are assigned a diplomatic mission for Delle Seyah Kendry. D’Avin tries to keep tabs on Khylen, but is to late to act when a political assassination kicks off the outbreak of the class war that they have spent the whole series trying to figure out and prevent.

Soon after the assassinated dignitaries are taken out Dutch and Jon scramble to try and evacuate as many people as possible from Old Town, but D’Avin gets left behind as he gets a little to close to Khylen and winds up a prisoner in a RAC facility.

This final episode sets up will hopefully be an epic second season in which our Killjoys now free of the RAC will continue their intergalactic adventures while fighting for the rights of all.

It be interesting to see how the relationship between Dutch and Khylen develops in the second season if she ever finds out the fan that he played in murdering her first husband.

The pace of this episode was pretty frantic,

Some strong acting performances all round and Mayko Nguyen puts in a nice turn as the ever evil and manipulative Delle Seyah Kendry, who I suspect is also a Level 6 Killjoy given that she assassinated select members of the delegation that she was hosting. 

Lets hope that Syfy UK managed to air the second lot of episodes closer to the US premier of the series. If not UK fans could be waiting up to a year unless they get the episodes via alternate means, which is something we cannot condone here at

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