In Review: Killjoys – Enemy Khylen

Following their recent troubles, the Killjoys head to the RAC to dissolve the team

Synopsis: Following their recent troubles, the Killjoys head to the RAC to dissolve the team – but it’s just part of an infiltration ruse in pursuit of Khylen.

Review: Dutch and the team set off on a covert mission to infiltrate the RAC in order to kill Khylen, but things are not as cut and dry as they seem.

As the team sets about their plans we learn a little more about Dutch and her relationship twisted as it has been with Khylen, who was a surrogate father to her, but also trained her in the art of assassination.

D’Avin and John have their roles to play in helping Dutch reach Khylen, but it seems no matter how well thought out the plan. Khylen is ready.

When the confrontation finally happens Dutch learns to her horror that her running away to become a Killjoy was all part of Khylen’s plan and it was only her acceptance of a Level 5 Kill Order that reconnected him with her.

We also learn that Khylen himself as a Killjoy, but he is level six, which has always been believed to be somewhat of myth in Killjoy circles.

The episode ends with Dutch being reunited with John and D’Avin and leaves her with more questions than answers concerning Khylen. Is he a friend or foe?

For me this is the episode which begins to tie a few of the story threads up that have been played out throughout the series. In pretty much all his appearances in the show Khylen has been somewhat of a mystery in regards to what his motivations are and what his interest is in Dutch beyond having her kill for him.

This episode pulls back some of the layers, but inso doing leaves us with more of a puzzle in that we are not to sure what Khylen is up to or who he works for.

Throughout the series Rob Stewart has been pretty amazing at maintaining the mystery of Khylen, but giving us enough to keep us guessing. The scenes between him and Dutch (Hannah John-Kamen) have been some of the highlights of the show. 

It will be interesting to see how this all wraps up in next weeks season finale.

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