In Review: Killjoys – Blame it on the Rain

Having awakened from the memory matrix, Dutch is determined to awaken her friends and stop the Lady before its too late. 

Synopsis: Having awakened from the memory matrix, Dutch is determined to awaken her friends and stop the Lady before its too late.

Review: Things get real as Dutch works with Zeph to figure out a way to wake up Johnny and D’Avin.

The Story

Dutch is on the run and has managed to scrounge up some medical supplies in order to heal Zeph’s wounds, but the fact that she had to steal the meds has compromised her because D’Avin and Johnny who are still under the spell of the Lady’s brainwashing are hot on her trail.

Meanwhile, The Lady has transformed herself into another host body and is trying to best to solicit help from a somewhat uncooperative Khlyen who she got out of the green in hopes that he’d help her catch Dutch.

Back on Westerley. Dutch and Zeph have begun to realize the scale of The Lady’s plans and has figured out a way to slow her down, but they need some help from Johnny and D’Avin. To that end, Zeph develops a device that can wake them up from the fake personalities that The Lady has implanted them with.

Now awake and very much aware of what’s going on. The two Jacobis brothers aid Dutch in her plans to blow up one of the factories, but Dutch makes a discovery, which triggers some alarms. Things go a bit wrong as the three of them get captured.

The Acting

Kelly McCormack and Hannah John-Kamen get lots to do in this episode as the pairing of Dutch’s skills with those of Zeph come into play. The scene where Dutch has to perform delicate surgery on Zeph is really funny. Especially the aftermath of it when Zeph critiques Dutch’s sewing skills.

I forgot to mention this in last week’s review, but it is nice to see Rob Stewart return as Khlyen. And the scenes he has with the Lady in this episode will no doubt play a big part in next week’s outing.


A fun episode, which has a lot of action and some fantastic banter between D’Avin and Johnny. Even when they are not in their own minds they banter. I particularly enjoyed the brief flashes of Johnny’s engineering and technical knowledge sneaking through when he was trying to find Dutch, who he still believes to be his wife Yala.

The episode closes out on a great cliffhanger, which will keep fans on the edge of their seats until next week.

Killjoys - Blame it on the Rain
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