In Review: Killjoys – Attack The Rack

Hannah John-Kamen gives an impressive performance as both Dutch and Aneela and we learn just how powerful D'Avin is

Synopsis: The rebel Killjoys need to clean their ranks and plan a desperate attack on the RAC.

Review: Dutch, D’Avin, Johnny and two of their new geek recruits attempt a daring attack on the RAC, which sees them isolating the Hullen from the humans, but unfortunately their is a traitor in their mists.

Back at the base Turin is having doubts about Fancy. Doubts that get put to the test when Fancy had to interrogate a captured RAC operative who tries to manipulate him.

Back on the RAC ship D’Avin and Johnny and their on remaining nerd soldier have been captured. The RAC commander leading the operation proceeds to torture Johnny in front of D’Avin in the hopes of getting the information he is after.

Meanwhile Dutch has found the armoury and finds more than she bargained for.

Back on Aneela’s ship Seyah Kendry is doing all she can to ingratiate herself with the Hullen leader and seems to be making fairly good headway.

This was a really cool episode, which showed us even more of just how dangerous a foe Aneela is.

By the end of the episode you are left in absolutely no doubt as to what a threat she is.

Hannah John-Kamen gives an impressive performance as both Dutch and Aneela and we learn just how powerful D’Avin is when he makes a Hullen’s eyes pop out of his head. This moment put me in mind of the Scanners movies, but without the exploding heads.

We also learn that one of Dutch’s perceived enemies actually was not an enemy at all, which is both a sad moment of truth. That in war it is often difficult to figure out your friends from your enemies. Especially in the type of war that Dutch and her Killjoys are having to fight.

We didn’t get to much rom Zepth this week, which is a shame because her geeky clumsiness providing some great comic relief in last weeks episode.

Overall. This was a solid episode, which did much to build on the shows overall mythology.

Killjoys - Attack The Rack
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