In Review: Killjoys – A Skinner, Darkley

Nerds, Hollen plots and doppleganger's rule the day.

Synopsis: John’s search for Clara gets under some people’s skin. Dutch and D’avin attempt to train a replacement nerd.

Review: This episode picks up moments from where last week left off with John carrying Ollie back to the bar in Rat City for her tech mod friends to help out.

When Ollie awakens John continues his investigation following up on the lead they got from the skin masks that they found last week.

The mask leads them to a company set up by a ruthless tech mod who has found the source that the Hollen use as a means of possessing human hosts has certain healing properties, which have allowed her to harvest skin and preserve it for use as a mask.

Johnny comes close to getting the full treatment during the course of his investigation, which is both disturbing and funny.

Meanwhile Dutch and D’Avin are undergoing the stressful task of trying to find a substitute nerd to fill in for Johnny. This leads them to trying out three hopefuls who all have the nerd credentials, but lack the courage and never say die attitude that Johnny has.

In order to test the nerds. Dutch and D’Avin put them all through a simulation, which places them all in dire danger, but one of them is not fooled by it. Which is the one nerd out of the three that Dutch thinks she will be able to work with.

During the course of Johnny’s investigation we learn about the actual fate of his friend Clara, which came as a bit of a surprise.

Unfortunately we don’t really learn to much more about the Hollen ships that they found in last weeks episode, but we do see a bit more of Aneela in the episode, which am hoping means that we’ll eventually get the confrontation between Dutch and her doppleganger that all of this will likely lead to.

Overall this was a great episode with nice performance from Arron Ashmore.

Killjoys - A Skinner, Darkley
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