In Review: Killjoys – A Bout, A Girl

Dutch fights in the Prison Tournament

Synopsis: Dutch enters the deadly supermax prison fight tournament and fights her way to the top as she seeks a chance to take over the ship.

Review: Killjoys produces its own version of popular fight club style movies in order to advance the ongoing arc.

The Story

The Supermax’s fight tournament offers up an opportunity for Dutch and the Killjoys to take over the ship, but its a plan that will need all of their cunning as well as a reliance on new friends who may or may not be completely trustworthy.

Meanwhile, back on Westerley Khlyen and The Lady are on the hunt to find Pree. The lady is growing impatient because imprisoning Dutch, D’avin and Johnny does not seem to have had the desired effect of luring D’avin’s son out of hiding. Which is bad for the Lady because Jaq is her only means of being able to create a more resilient host body for herself and the many clones she has of herself.

Back on a planet somewhere Delle Seyah Kendry is doing all she can to protect Jaq and keep him out of reach of the Lady.

The Acting

There are a few solid performances this week, but the one that stands out for me comes from Hannah John-Kamen who gets beaten up both physically and emotionally as Dutch struggles to make things right. Dutch is very concerned for Johnny who has not only been through a fake reality in which he was married to her but is also grieving the loss of Lucy the ships A.I. There’s a really strong scene between Dutch and D’avin where she expresses her concern for Johnny and is trying to make room in their plan to get him off the prison ship so he can reconnect with Zeph and perhaps get a bit of personal space away from her.

Kamen also pulls double duty again as Aneela seemingly returns from the dead.


This proves to be another pretty strong episode as the story arc takes a few steps further toward the overall end game, which will hopefully see our heroes manage to defeat The Lady.

Killjoys - A Bout, A Girl
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