In Review: Kick-Ass #3

At last a worthy Enemy for the new Kick-Ass

Synopsis: Patience Lee’s shaking up the city’s organized crime rings to feed her family and give stolen money back to the community. But the enemies she’s making have friends in low places, friends that will avenge their bosses come hell or high water. The city’s most violent offender is fresh out of jail, and he’s got Kick-Ass in his sights.

Review: This issue introduces us to Patience Lee’s new enemy and also reveals a shocking revelation about one of her relations.

That’s right. The new Kick-Ass has found their nemesis and it isn’t red mist. The new enemy for Kick-Ass is Violencia and although his name very nearly sounds like a certain international football team, the only thing he’ll be playing footy with will be peoples heads or whatever other body parts come to mind.

Mark Millar does a fabulous job of introducing us to Violencia in the opening few pages by giving us a few interesting details about him while showing us one of his hit jobs. We learn that he enjoys having a stint in the clink due to the fact that it keeps him sharp.

This is a great issue. We’ve got to see Patience in the last couple of issues settle into the life of a self-styled Robin Hood style vigilante. And it’s fair to say that she has perhaps become a little comfortable with it. But is she ready for Violencia?

John Romita’s artwork he is fantastic. I love the design work for Violencia who looks somewhat albino but with facial tattoos and a goatee. He’s wiry, but a muscular character that has a strong impact on the very first panel you see him in. The artwork on the final few pages is awesome.

We get left with a really big cliffhanger in this issue that will have readers pulling their hair out for an entire month while waiting to see what happens next. One thing’s for sure. The shit is very much likely to hit the fan. It’s going to get messy.

Kick-Ass #3
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